whiteboard animation

White board animation

The whiteboard animation is a perfect option to represent the complex messages into simple, yet memorable way. The research has shown that the whiteboard animations can drastically improve memory recall in viewers as compared to normal talking head videos. The whiteboard animation is proven to be an effective tool to show all types of stuff, including corporate, educational, or just an introduction to any business or organization.

At New Thought IT Solutions, we offer the best whiteboard animation services and all our whiteboard animations are created by industry experts, combining expertise with creativity, to convey messages about products and services in more memorable, engaging way.

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In the recent year, whiteboard animation videos have gained the popularity amongst the businesses as they can convey a message engagingly, entertainingly and clearly compared to reams of text. This is a type of animation where the illustrations appeared are drawn by a hand on a white background and accompanied by a human voiceover to reinforce the ideas and messages being expressed. The whiteboard animation videos help to communicate thoughts and message more effectively and clearly.

Considering the increase in the demand of whiteboard animations, they have been used by many organizations for a variety purposes, including:

  • Creating high quality explainer videos to elaborate products and service
  • Commercials
  • Business presentations
  • Educational Videos
  • Staff Training
  • User Guides
  • For internal communications
  • Online marketing and many others

Why to use New Thought IT Solutions white board animation videos for your business ?

  • Higher Consumer Engagement: The whiteboard animation video can effectively reach out to audience at larger scale as it uses the familiar way with a human touch. The combination of images and audio used in whiteboard video inspires and entices people. It facilitates you to reach out to the broader audience than you could reach with normal images or pure text. Often the whiteboard animation video will also integrate an emotional appeal that is very important for captivating consumers and keeping them busy till the end of a message.
  • Ultimate for Explainer Videos: Because of their engaging nature, the whiteboard animations have become one of the widely used techniques to create high impact explainer videos. At New Thought IT Solutions, we have created explainer whiteboard animation videos for businesses of all sizes including start-ups, global brands and others.
  • Various Uses: Not only on the internet, but the whiteboards can also be used as an important tool in client presentations or staff meetings. These animated videos are a great way to attract and retain people’s attention so that you can show an important message. Use of these videos can therefore be more efficient and effective than paper advertisement or document.
  • Easy to Follow: The easy to flow whiteboard animation means the highly engaging quality. Once you have engaged your consumer through the video, you can convey message effectively and clearly, no matter how complex. Several businesses prefer to add a funny or adventurous storyline in their video that makes some concepts easier to follow.
  • Boost Online Sales and Conversion Rates: The whiteboard animation videos are considered as silent sellers as it has a major impact on a websites online sales and conversion rates. Nowadays, many businesses are using whiteboard animation videos to reach key industry objectives and optimize conversion rates. The whiteboard video not only encourages positive outcomes in sales, but it is also proven to be an engaging training video that encourages the staff to learn.
  • Motivation and Productivity in Organization: Well structured and clear whiteboard videos explain about business rules and regulation more clearly. The whiteboard animation video can express some processes more effectively. This easy to understand videos can help you to improve appreciation for rules and regulations and enhance the ethics in a company. The whiteboard video presentation for your workforce can be helpful to improve the morale and to build better coordination between staff members and different departments. This understanding between departments can lead to better productivity across the organization.

Our Services

Animated videos

- Animated videos form the basis of video marketing and multitudes of explainer videos, social media campaigns etc. run around the same.

Corporate videos

Corporate Videos are effective tools to communicate loads about your brand. Such videos are majorly used to define a brand.

Testimonial videos

Convince your audience about your charm; let your previous audience redeem a chance.

Graphic videos

Graphics mixed and matched coming together to form a good video as per your requirement.

Perfect tone

We give the right kind of pitch to the video content, script and visual effects. We then unify all the aspects to create the finest explainer video for you.

Thank you videos

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. Let your customers feel appreciated for them being your clientele.

Our Features

Outstanding graphics & animation

Our corporate explainer video series comes with illustrative and attractive graphics/animations which makes the videos informative, and yet fun to watch.

Smart script

Our whiteboard explainer video thrive on great script. We give the best words, tag lines and phrases, which talk directly about your business, and market it powerful.