Frequently Asked Questions

01-What makes you different from other SEO companies?
New Thought IT Solutions always adapts industry centric online marketing strategy together with cutting edge optimization techniques to bring customers high volume of targeted traffic & higher search engine position results. We are committed to provide advance SEO services at a price that every small to medium sized business can afford & deliver results on time. It is the high customer satisfaction rate which makes us the preferred choice in internet marketing & optimization industry.
02-Are your SEO services all about a number #1 position in the search engines?
No certainly not. Our SEO services are about achieving higher search engine position results for your site for a particular keyword but not particularly a number #1 position for that. Though such claims are common in SEO industry but they often turn out to be false only to bring clients severe dissatisfaction. There are certain factors like ever changing search engine algorithms, competition level & launch of new sites that are not within anyone’s control & may cause a fluctuation in your site ranking. We believe in being true SEO partner to our clients & guide them throughout the optimization process to maintain their website ranking at top 10 positions in major search engines.
03-How long will it take to see my website ranking once optimization starts?
A website may take one month to six month time to start showing up in higher ranking positions on major search engines depending upon its nature & competition level as well. But an average time period of minimum two weeks to maximum of 2-3 months is always required for all major search engines to index your website. Therefore one can expect his/her website ranking on major search engines but not earlier than two weeks after optimization starts.
04-Will my website ranking results be maintained on a long-term basis?
Due to the unpredictable behavior of search engines & fierce competition in the market, your website ranking results may fall anytime. So we need to follow an updated strategy with advanced optimization techniques to maintain your website ranking throughout your subscription period. However discontinuing our SEO service may affect your ranking severely and cause a dramatic fall in it.
05-Do you follow the same SEO strategy for all business types?
We adapt a well chalked out SEO strategy covering up aspects of both on-page optimization & off-page optimization including processes like content analysis & optimization, link building, meta tags creation, Google sitemap creation & site navigation structure design to name a few. Our SEO strategy is not always the same & may vary depending upon the nature of business so that it can bring our clients high quality ranking results besides fulfilling their individual requirements.
06-How will your SEO service help our business?
  • It will drive quality traffic to your site from search engines resulting in increased sales.
  • It will target only the potential customers for your service or product & convert them into sales lead.
  • It uses natural advertising & marketing means to persuade customers to purchase.
  • It brings high ranking results for affordable price.
  • It quickly adds value to your business.
  • It contributes to further business growth thereby increasing your site’s revenue generation potential
07-Do You Have to Make Changes to Our Site?
It depends upon the situation. If your site is found to lack in search engine friendly designing & development features which bring it negative scores during our website analysis & review phase, then we have to seriously consider-upon the idea of upgrading it. It will help us to build up your site more search engine friendly & improve its chances of achieving top search engine ranking.
08-Do You Need to Access Our Web Server?
Yes, it is highly possible that we may need to access your web server during optimization so that we can make it achieve better results faster. You needn’t feel worried as we won’t cause any harm to your site. If on-page optimization becomes necessary for your site then only we will bring out the necessary changes in the site with your permission & it is not possible without having access to your web server. Thus access to web server will speed up our optimization process.
09-How do I get support?
We focus on providing our customers with the best in industry contact management services. We keep in touch with our clients directly through an interactive chat & e-mail support on a 24/7 basis. Qualified resources are engaged to ensure speedy processing of customer queries. Our effective customer support center will take care of customer concerns & queries through multiple channels.